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11/27/03 22:26:32
Posted by thomas
11/27/03 21:11:42
Posted by thomas
2 year anniversary
01/25/03 22:26:07
Posted by thomas
Today I received the renewal invoice for the domain, so povtals been running for 2 years. The first year with little progress, and the second with 0 :.

Presently I dislike PHP so the pages may not be updated. Iam considering turning into blog. But who knows?
Some new povstuff.
12/15/01 00:27:09
Posted by thomas
On december 4th a new modeller was registered at freshmeat. Truevision is a gnome based modeller for pov with OpenGL preview. It is still Alpha, but the screenshots look great.

Sced has been updated.

Flea is a Ruby script that generates fractals/Lsystem for rendering with pov. It looks promising and a bit beta
Povtal is reinstated!
12/10/01 13:03:02
Posted by thomas
After completing my thesis, vacation and all I have resurrected povtal (after the most unfortunate deletion of a non-backuped file). So normal operations should resume.
Still no Updates
09/26/01 19:24:48
Posted by christian
Like I said no updates.
No, No Updates
09/20/01 21:17:46
Posted by thomas
Im presently finishing by Masters thesis, no updates until its over and done with
Dino3D 0.8.4 released.
08/24/01 11:37:57
Posted by thomas
A maintenance release of the molecule viewer/converter dino3d has been released. It currently runs under X (with OpenGL taking care of the visuals). dino3d supports some pretty advanced formats (importing) and of course for exporting too (pov and MegaPov!). Exactly what license governs the use of dino3d is unclear, but the binaries may be download free of charge.

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